About Us

Lovka – a ReadyMade artist


“I got into ready-made art in an organic way. I always collected objects that I fell in love with on the street or on trips with my children”, Lovka says, “old telephones, nice cans, interesting wooden planks, abandoned signs, which I would arrange into compositions”.


Lovka’s love of artifacts is apparent in all of his works, from the stage of their meticulous collection, to the delicate arrangement of these daily objects from his natural environment into art works. Lovka collects these items on building sites, while wandering the streets, during trips, and as presents from people who are familiar with his work.


“There is a special aesthetic created by arranging random objects like a puzzle. When you don’t have a plan and you let the objects surprise you, the final result seems as though it was meant to look just that way from the very beginning, and it has a truth to it”. 


The items method of arrangement creates a new whole with its own aesthetic.


In his works, Lovka criticizes the loss of connection to nature and the way in which we rid ourselves so easily of objects which were part of our lives, and are now cast away forever in the race forward, towards the next trend. Interesting artifacts that are now “obsolete” and which concluded their original purpose are collected by Lovka and are given a new life. “I rescue them from the bin and put them into an aesthetic nature reserve”.


The daily artifacts accumulated in Lovka’s close environment are turned into periodical documents, representing his current time and place.          


 In another time, another place, the collected artifacts will be different and will create a total different periodical document.